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About & Benefits:

At METBonus casino rewards site, we take pride in being the pioneer platform that provides a protection plan to our esteemed members through our customized “Certified Protection Program” (CPP) policy.

With CPP protection, our members can indulge in their favorite online casino games with a sense of security and tranquility.

Moreover, our members are eligible to receive compensation of up to USD100,000 for specific criteria that adhere to our protection T&C.

CPP Protection Against:

  • Dubious site – Scam / fake casino
  • Dishonorable casino – withold payout & withdrawal request without valid reason

Exclusion from protection:

  • Uncertified casino
  • Lack of evidence as proof
  • Breach of T&C

Terms & Conditions

1. Eligibility

Members must meet certain criteria to be eligible for the CPP Program, such as being a registered member and adhering to certain terms and conditions.

2. Claim requirements

Members must provide specific information to make a claim, including account details, transaction records, and any other relevant documentation requested by us.

3. Investigation

Our side will investigate the claim to determine its validity and eligibility for compensation, which may include requesting additional information from the member.

4. Compensation limits

The amount of compensation that can be claimed by members may be subject to a limit, either per claim or per member.

5. Exclusions

The protection plan may not cover certain types of losses, such as those resulting from fraud, misuse of account information, or intentional violations of the casino’s terms and conditions and also non certified casinos.

6. Dispute resolution

The terms and conditions may specify the process for resolving disputes related to the CPP program, which may include arbitration or other methods of alternative dispute resolution.


1. What is a Certified Protection Program (CPP) for members?

An online casino protection plan for members is a type of program or service designed to help protect members who gamble at our certified online casinos from potential risks or issues, such as fraud, unfair games, or mistreatment by the casino operator.

2. What risks does Certified Protection Program (CPP) for members cover?

The risks covered by CPP for members can vary depending on the specific program or service, but typically include fraud, unfair or rigged games, disputes with the casino operator, and other issues that could negatively impact the player’s experience or financial situation.

3. Who can benefits from Certified Protection Program (CPP) for members?

Any METBonus casino rewards site members who gambles at our certified online casinos and wants to ensure that their experience is fair, safe, and secure can benefit from an online casino protection plan for members.

4. What is the maximum amount claimable under Certified Protection Program (CPP)?

Members may be eligible to claim up to USD100,00 under CPP program, but the actual amount is dependent on the investigation of the claim and the fulfillment of the terms and conditions specified.

5. What is the process for members to make a claim under the Certified Protection Program (CPP)?

Generally, members will need to contact our METBonus customer support team and provide relevant details such as their account information, the nature of the claim, and any supporting documentation.

We will then investigate the claim to determine if it is valid and if the member is eligible for compensation.

If the claim is approved, the member will typically receive payment according to the CPP policies and the regulations in place.

It’s important for members to carefully review the terms and conditions of the CPP program and to follow the procedures outlined in order to maximize their chances of a successful claim.