2024 US Presidential Election Odds: Biden’s Chances Dim as Trump Gains Favour

As Biden faces challenges in his final term, UK betting sites cast doubt on his re-election, favouring Trump in the 2024 US presidential race. Explore the odds and dynamics.

Betting odds are now open on whether Joe Biden will complete his first term as US president, with UK bookmakers expressing confidence in this, but scepticism about his chances for a second term.

Entering the final year of his presidency at 80, Biden confronts low approval ratings and the looming possibility of a winter government shutdown. The 2024 US election is anticipated as a rematch between Biden and Donald Trump, with the latter currently favoured despite ongoing criminal trials.

Major bookmakers are distancing themselves from Biden, with none placing him ahead of Trump in the odds for the next election. Biden’s slim one-in-three chance of winning a second term contrasts with the historical poll boost incumbents usually experience.

Ladbrokes has widened Biden’s odds to 9/4, indicating a mere 30.8% chance of re-election. The focus has shifted to who will win the election, with Trump (6/4) emerging as a primary contender.

While Biden defeated Trump by over seven million votes in 2020, his approval ratings remain below 40%. Trump’s popularity has surged, making him almost certain to secure the Republican nomination for a rematch.

Biden, grappling with economic issues and international conflicts, faces a challenging path to re-election. Polling data suggests Trump could flip key states in 2024, even if Biden wins the popular vote.

As the 2024 US presidential election unfolds, betting apps currently favour Trump, aligning with the majority of wagers backing the former president—possibly signalling a shift in political sentiment.

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