Next Liverpool Manager Odds: Who Will Succeed Jurgen Klopp at Anfield?

Explore the odds for Jurgen Klopp’s successor at Liverpool. From frontrunners like Alonso and De Zerbi to dark horses like Frank and Amorim, who will take the helm? Uncover the contenders now!

Jurgen Klopp delivered a surprising announcement on Friday, prompting betting sites to initiate speculation about his successor as Liverpool manager. In a video shared on the club’s social media platforms, Klopp disclosed his decision to step down at the end of the current season. He had communicated this choice with the owners in November but chose this moment to share it with the fans.

Citing a depletion of energy, Klopp expressed his awareness of the need to make this announcement and assured that he is at peace with the decision. Reflecting on the years spent together, he emphasized the growing respect and love, concluding that the least owed to the fans is the truth, which he has now shared.

Who will be Liverpool’s next choice? Let’s examine the leading candidates.

Alonso And De Zerbi: Front Runners in the Early Stages

Xabi Alonso stands out as the initial favorite among football betting sites, with Evens odds – and the reasons are evident. His remarkable success at Bayer Leverkusen, maintaining an undefeated record in all 18 Bundesliga games this season, positions him as a strong contender. Having contributed 143 league appearances for Liverpool, the prospect of a return to Anfield is undoubtedly appealing for Alonso. However, concerns linger about whether this managerial opportunity may have arrived too early in the former midfielder’s career.

Roberto De Zerbi, boasting Premier League coaching experience absent in Alonso, follows closely with odds of 10/3. Yet, for serious consideration, his Brighton & Hove Albion team must ascend in the league standings. While Liverpool has never been led by an Italian head coach, several clubs are vying for De Zerbi’s potential appointment.

Gerrard’s Managerial Journey: From Legend to Questionable Decisions

There was a time when it appeared inevitable that Steven Gerrard would follow Klopp as Liverpool’s manager. A revered club legend and one of its greatest players, Gerrard remains a cherished figure at Anfield. However, his recent managerial endeavors have raised questions. Struggling during his tenure at Aston Villa and currently overseeing Al-Ettifaq, placed eighth in the Saudi Pro League, Gerrard’s managerial track record may impact his odds, set at 10/1.

Pep Lijnders: The Continuity Candidate

Pep Lijnders, positioned as the continuity candidate, shares the same odds as Gerrard. Klopp’s long-time assistant possesses an in-depth understanding of the manager’s methods. Nevertheless, the transition from assistant to the leading role isn’t always seamless, as history has shown that being a number two doesn’t always translate into being a successful number one.

Nagelsmann’s Current Position and Coaching Style:

While currently leading Germany, Julian Nagelsmann’s contractual agreement until the summer’s European Championship draws attention. Despite mixed results at Bayern Munich, the 36-year-old coach remains highly respected. His favored style of play shares similarities with Klopp’s, earning praise from the Liverpool manager in the past. At 12/1 odds, Nagelsmann’s potential appointment is considered reasonable.

Postecoglou’s Swift Impact at Tottenham:

Ange Postecoglou, with odds at 16/1, swiftly endeared himself to Tottenham Hotspur supporters. His potential to replicate this success at Anfield is undeniable. However, the obstacle lies in Daniel Levy’s determination to retain the Australian, creating a potential hurdle for any departure after just one season.

Frank’s Impressive Stint at Brentford:

Thomas Frank has showcased exceptional skills at Brentford, raising speculation about an inevitable move to a larger club. While transitioning from Brentford to Liverpool represents a significant leap, it seems more plausible to envision Frank taking charge at clubs like Aston Villa, Newcastle United, or Everton as his next career move. Bookmakers share this perspective, considering him a relative outsider with odds at 20/1.

Amorim’s Managerial Prowess at Sporting CP:

Similarly, Ruben Amorim, available at 25/1 on betting apps, has demonstrated youth and brilliance as the Sporting CP boss. However, the challenge of replacing Klopp at this juncture in his career may prove to be a monumental task. While recognized for his managerial potential, the odds position him as a dark horse, hinting at the formidable challenge that lies ahead.

Simeone’s Commitment to Atletico Madrid:

Diego Simeone, with odds at 25/1, has recently extended his contract with Atletico Madrid until the summer of 2027. This commitment to his current club makes it improbable for him to be seriously considered as a candidate for Liverpool’s managerial role.

Conte’s Coaching Credentials and Long-Term Concerns:

Antonio Conte, positioned at 28/1, undeniably possesses impressive coaching credentials. However, his divisive character and tendency to thrive in the short-term rather than the long-term raise concerns. Given Liverpool’s preference for stability at the end of Klopp’s nine-year tenure, the board may approach Conte’s potential appointment with caution.

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