Unlocking Value: Corner Betting Strategies and Tips for Football Punters

Explore corner betting strategies, markets, and enhance predictions by combining with other options in bet builders.

If you’re looking for a unique approach to football betting, especially in bet builders, exploring corner bets is a worthwhile option.

While corner markets may not be the first choice for many, they often provide valuable opportunities.

This guide will delve into the different types of corner markets available for betting and provide effective strategies.

Understanding Corner Betting Markets:

  1. Total Corners Over/Under: Bet on the total corners in a game, usually offered as an over/under market.
  2. Corner Match Bet: Predict the team winning the most corners, irrespective of the actual count.
  3. Total Corners (Half): Bet on the total corners in the first or second half.
  4. Half With Most Corners: Predict the half with the most corners.
  5. Corners Handicap: Bet on the team with more corners after adjusting for handicaps.
  6. Alternative Total Corners: Set your own line for over/under corners.
  7. Corners Race: Predict the team reaching a specified corner count first.
  8. Total Team Corners: Bet on the total corners for a specific team.
  9. Odd/Even Corners: Guess if the total corners will be odd or even.

Strategies for Corner Betting:

  1. Consider Team Tactics: Teams with an attacking mindset or wide play tendencies often win more corners.
  2. Utilize Statistics: Analyze historical data to calculate average corners, providing insights into potential value.
  3. In-Play Betting: Combine statistics with real-time observations for well-timed corner bets during a match.

Markets to Combine in Bet Builders:

Consider these markets alongside corner bets in bet builders:

  • Both Teams to Score: Pair with ‘over’ corner bets for open, attacking games.
  • First/Anytime Goalscorer: Combine with corner bets, especially if a player excels in converting corners.
  • Total Goals: Strategically combine with corner bets based on game dynamics.

Unlock valuable insights with effective corner betting strategies and elevate your predictions in bet builders.

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